Custom Rubber Stoppers: Here’s Why You Should Use Them

If you or your team deals with containers carrying various liquids, you need rubber stoppers to plug their openings and prevent spillage and leaks. That is crucial, especially in facilities like laboratories, which deal with numerous hazardous liquids such as chloroform and acids. The same is true for manufacturers and companies handling other dangerous fluids like mineral spirits, floor polish, disinfectants, turpentine, weed killers, glues, adhesives, propane, gasoline, and oil-based paints. Read More 

2 Major Benefits Of Using A CNC Oil Mist Collector

If you use a machine, such as a milling or grinding machine, that produces an oil mist when the tooling components contact any of the fluids used in the metalworking process, you need a CNC oil mist collector. Oil mist can quickly turn into oil smoke if the surrounding temperatures are high enough. Exposure to oil mist and smoke is a safety hazard for your employees and your equipment.   CNC machines do not come equipped with mist collectors. Read More