2 Major Benefits Of Using A CNC Oil Mist Collector

If you use a machine, such as a milling or grinding machine, that produces an oil mist when the tooling components contact any of the fluids used in the metalworking process, you need a CNC oil mist collector. Oil mist can quickly turn into oil smoke if the surrounding temperatures are high enough. Exposure to oil mist and smoke is a safety hazard for your employees and your equipment.  

CNC machines do not come equipped with mist collectors. That is why you need to purchase a mist collector if you are experiencing this by-product from your operations. A mist collector works to keep your workplace safe.  

Protect Employee Health 

One of the biggest benefits of using a CNC mist collector machine is that it is a great way to protect your employee's health. 

When you have a machine letting off oil mist and smoke, it impacts your workers in two different ways. First, it can result in dermal exposure, where the oil mist touches their skin. Dermal exposure produces a wide range of results, from blisters to rashes and simply itchy and uncomfortable skin. Your employees shouldn't have to deal with uncomfortable skin as part of their work environment. 

Next, when you have a machine letting off oil mist and smoke, your employees can inhale the oil mist. Inhaling the oil mist is very serious. It can result in immediate consequences, such as shortness of breath, a burning sensation in the mouth and throat, vomiting, fever, headaches, and fatigue. Prolonged exposure to oil mist can have long-term consequences, such as activating asthma and causing flair-ups, chronic bronchitis, and lung disease.  

There is nothing good that comes from exposure to oil mists for your employees. That is why you need an oil mist collector for your CNC machine, to ensure that your employee's health is never compromised for the product you are producing.  

Protect CNC Equipment 

Second, using a CNC mist collector can help improve the performance of your CNC machine. CNC machines are not designed with mist collectors, which means that all that oil mist will end up coating all the various parts of the machine if it is produced as a by-product of your operations. Your device will be covered in oil, from the control panels to the circuit boards. 

Installing a CNC mist collector gives the mist somewhere to go so that it doesn't coat and damage your CNC machine. Using a mist collector can reduce maintenance costs for your CNC machine and reduce the downtime needed for repairs as well.  

If your business uses a CNC machine that produces oil mist or smoke, you need to ensure that you collect that mist and don't allow it into the surrounding environment. This is essential for keeping your employees and your work operation safe. Talk to an equipment supplier about purchasing this valuable piece of equipment today.