Lifting Clamps—How To Make A Great Tool Investment For A Warehouse

Lifting clamps are pivotal tools for warehouses that involve heavy-duty lifting. They can support endless material varieties, including steel beams and sheet metal. If you're about to purchase one for your warehouse environment, look at the following guide first. 

Determine How Much Weight Support You Need

Lifting clamps are designed to support a lot of weight safely, but the exact weight figures vary from clamp to clamp. You don't want to guess because you could drop a significant load, causing damage and accidents.

Instead, find out how much weight the lifting clamp should support consistently. You can look at everyday materials you lift and move around a warehouse to feel better about choosing a proper weight range. 

Make Sure Jaws Are Non-Marking

Regardless of whether you plan to lift steel beams or copper sheets with a lifting clamp attached to a hoist, you don't want to leave marks behind. If you did, they could affect your project negatively, especially if the materials must be flawless from an aesthetic standpoint.

You won't suffer negative consequences if you get a lifting clamp with a non-marking design. Even when the clamp uses a lot of force to remain secure to materials you lift and move, marks won't be left over. 

Opt for a Powder Coat 

If your warehouse gets pretty dirty, try to find a lifting clamp that comes with a powder coat. The coating gives the clamp a lot more durability and longevity than you would get without such a coating. As long as the powder coat gets applied successfully, you can use the lifting clamp around any part of your warehouse without questioning its ability to resist damage. Furthermore, if you accidentally bump the lifting clamp against materials you lift and move, the clamp won't scratch or scuff up in any way.

Get a Large Handle 

Lifting clamps come in countless designs and styles. Try finding a model with a large handle; it makes the clamp much easier to manipulate around materials. You can move the clamp in any direction with the handle until you get a secure fit. Some handles have textures for added grip, giving you even more control of the clamp. You can lift and move heavy materials around a warehouse with a lifting clamp. Just do your due diligence by looking at different models and envisioning how they would work with warehouse materials you manage all the time.

Visit a local hardware store to learn more about lifting clamps, including Crosby Lifting Equipment.