Should You Spring For Polycrystalline Diamond Tools?

Diamond tools and carbide tools are both excellent choices when you need to find something that cuts well without becoming dull too quickly. Diamond tools, however, may not be as flexible as carbide, and the bits of diamond can wear down more quickly on some materials than on others. That plus the generally lower cost of carbide tools may make some wonder if they should avoid diamonds and just get another set of carbide tools. Yet the better cutting ability of diamond tools is still a draw. One potential compromise is to buy polycrystalline diamond tools, which have the cutting diamond grit on a layer of carbide. These can cost more, so a look at the benefits of buying these tools is in order.

The Best of Both Worlds, Cutting-Wise

First, polycrystalline diamond tools offer the best of both worlds. You get the cutting power of the diamond grit plus the flexibility of the carbide base. While you still have to be wary about using the diamond grit on specific materials, such as iron, that can create excessive wear, the tool will cut well overall while lasting a very long time. These tools can run faster and cut to more specific and narrower tolerances than many other tools.

They May Cost More Initially

The combination of diamond grit, which is already expensive, with the carbide does often command a higher price. But that's the initial price when you buy the tool. You could buy cheaper cutting tools, but if they wear out quickly and you have to buy another, then you're just spending more and more money. If your budget is truly tight, maybe start with one tool and then gradually add on as your budget eases up.

Speed Up Your Work With Fewer Breaks

Polycrystalline diamond tools can also help you complete jobs more quickly as the cutting power may mean you need to run it less to get the same results as you would with multiple rounds with another tool. The tools can also run for a longer time without needing to be stopped to cool down, for example, and that also helps you complete jobs more quickly.

Diamond, polycrystalline diamond, and carbide tools are all good. They all have their optimal uses and conditions. If you can get only one type, however, you may want to spring for polycrystalline diamond to get as many benefits as you can from that one tool.

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