3 Smart Reasons To Use An SCR System With Your Water Tube Boiler

If your business runs a water tube boiler for industrial applications, you need to consider adding an SCR system to your water boiler. An SCR, or catalytic reduction system, can be added onto your existing boiler or installed along with your new boiler.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Boiler

When you run your water tube boiler, you want to make sure that the boiler is operating in as efficient a manner as possible. You want the money you are spending to run the boiler to be used in the most efficient manner possible. In order to get your boiler to run efficiently, you need to manage the temperature of your boiler. You also need to manage the combustion level of your boiler.

When you add an SCR system to your boiler, you will be able to manage the temperature of your boiler more accurately. You will be able to customize the combustion level of your boiler to ensure you are getting the right heat and pressure out of your boiler. You will also be able to have greater mixing elements of your boiler, as well as a better method of fuel consumption.

An SCR system will provide you greater control over your boiler, which will allow you to increase the boiler's efficiency and ensure the boiler is meeting your needs.

Get Rid of Nitrous Oxide Emissions

Another reason to install an SCR system is that it will get rid of any nitrous oxides or N2O emissions for your water tube boilers. All water tube boilers produce nitrous oxide, which is dangerous for people's health and harsh on the human respiratory system.

With an SCR system in place, all the N20 that your water tube boiler creates will be taken care of with a reduction system within the SCR system. You will no longer have to worry about safely venting the N2O from your boilers, nor will your workers have to worry about their health when working around a boiler. An SCR system will reduce harmful emissions and make your workplace safer for your employees.

Easy Installation

Finally, you should add an SCR system to your water tube boiler because it is easy to install. It doesn't take that much time to install an SCR system yourself, and it is not expensive to hire someone to install it for you.

Considering all the benefits of installing an SCR system, such as greater efficiency, more controlled operations, and the elimination of harmful emissions, it makes sense to add an SCR system to all your water tube boilers.

Contact a supplier of SCRS for water tube boilers to learn more.