4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Forklift Battery

If you want your forklift to last for a long time, you need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your forklift battery.  Forklifts do not use gas; they are powered by large batteries that you need to make sure that you take careful care of.

#1 Keep Your Battery Clean & Dry

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you keep your battery dry. You have to add water to your forklift battery, so when you do add water, make sure that you add the water carefully. You don't want the water getting everywhere; that can lead to corrosion on your batteries. Make sure that you keep all components on the battery nice and dry to protect the life of your battery.

#2 Keep the Correct Water Levels.

Your forklift battery needs water in order to operate effectively. You need to make sure that you keep the right water level for your forklift battery. Generally, the right water level is just a little bellow the battery cap opening. Your owner's manual should let you know the exact water level you should maintain in your forklift battery.

You should check the water level on your forklift battery during your weekly mechanical inspection of your forklift.

#3 Be Smart About Recharging the Battery

Next, make sure that you are smart when you recharge the battery. Each time you recharge the battery you are using one of the life cycles on your forklift battery, even if you are only charging the battery over your lunch break.

Short charges are referred to as opportunity charging, such as when you charge your forklift for a short period of time over lunch. These short charges shorten the life of your battery.

Instead, charge the battery for longer periods of time once the battery is depleted at least half way. That way, you get the most out of each charge that you make.

#4 Service Your Battery Twice a Year

Finally, make sure to get your battery serviced at least twice a year by a professional. When you have your battery serviced, it will be washed and cleaned in a professional manner that will not damage your batteries. A cleaning will help fight back against acid and ensure that your forklift battery doesn't corrode, which is one of the most damaging things that can happen to your forklift battery.

Make sure that you take careful care of your forklift battery. Keep your battery clean and dry, add water to your battery, only participate in long recharges, and make sure to service the battery at least twice a year. Contact a service, like RDS Equipment, Inc, for further help.