Four Tips To Lower The Cost Of Your Dumpster Rental

Utilizing a dumpster rental is a great way to remove excessive debris from your home during a construction or remodel project. However, it can be a bit costly, so it's important to consider these four tips to help lower the amount you are spending on the rental:

  1. Go as Small as Possible: You don't want to go too small since you can be charged for extra weight that is put in the dumpster. However, it's important that you are able to choose a dumpster rental that is the exact size you need and not too big. A larger dumpster is, of course, going to cost more. While it can be difficult to determine what size you might need, you can always take your best guess and if you end up needing more space, you can have the dumpster dumped by the rental company and then returned to you. 
  2. Rent on a Weekday: Of course, the weekends are when most home projects are being done, so rates for dumpster rentals are going to be a bit higher. For this reason, try and rent a dumpster on a weekday and you will see lower costs for the service. You should also consider the time of year. Since summer is definitely a busier month for dumpster rental companies, you should definitely consider the advantage of saving opportunities of completing any kind of home project you can in the fall or winter. 
  3. Negotiate Based on Location: Don't be afraid to negotiate on the rates, especially when it comes to your location if it's reasonable. If you live fairly close to a landfill, then this is beneficial to the dumpster rental company since it means less drive time. 
  4. ​Be Mindful of the Rules: One of the reasons people end up spending more than what they thought they would spend on a dumpster rental is the simple fact that they did not follow the rules of using the dumpster. This includes going over the weight limit, as well as dumping items that are not safe to dump, such as flammable liquids. It's important to go over the rules with the dumpster rental company and abide by them so that you don't end up having to pay any unexpected fees. 

With these four tips to lower the cost of your dumpster rental, you are just one simple step closer to reducing the overall cost of your home project. Visit a site like for more help.