The Guide To Buying Pallet Racking

Pallet racks let you organize your warehouse in a lot of different ways to save space, safely store your goods and separate items based on different classifications. You can get pallet racks at a much lower rate when you decide to buy refurbished. You will need to consider the types of pallet racks available on the market, dimensions and how to select the best company to purchase from, all of which are explained below.

The Types Of Pallet Racking Systems

When purchasing refurbished pallet racks, you can choose between some of the following systems:

  1. The selective pallet rack -  This is the most used pallet rack system available. They utilize upright stature that allows you to easily go from aisle to aisle with your fork lift. Selective pallet racks are often stacked high with multiple beams.
  2. The pallet flow rack -  The purpose of this system is to make the absolute most of your warehouse space. The pallet flow rack allows you to store between two and six pallet positions to maximize on your inventory storage. These racks often have skate wheel systems for easier loading.
  3. The drive-in and drive-through pallet rack -  These rack systems are excellent for space-saving, since they offer as much as 75% more storage. This racking system is best if you have large amounts of the same inventory in your warehouse.

Important Pallet Racking Specifications

To make the correct purchase, remember to consider the following pallet rack specifications:

  1. Height -  To make sure you are making the best use of vertical space, your pallet racking height must match your average pallet height. You also need to remember regulations so that you can stack pallets safely.
  2. Material -  Aluminum, steel and fiberglass are some of the most used materials when creating pallet racking. Fourteen-gauge steel is the strongest and gives the most longevity.
  3. Expansion -  When purchasing pallet racks, be sure that they have the potential to be added onto so that you can expand your storage ability.

Find The Ideal Pallet Racking Company

When searching for the ideal pallet racking company to buy from, think about the following points:

  1. Longevity -  A pallet racking company that has been in business for a long time shows that they have continuously been helpful to customers.
  2. Get a D&B report -  This report will explain the pallet racking company's fiscal soundness, who they purchased their inventory from, whether the company has had any lawsuits and how many people they employ.
  3. Follow-up service -  While buying pallet racks is the first step, be sure that you do business with pallet racking professionals who can also handle deliveries installations and replacements.

When you use these three tips, you will be well prepared to buy any pallet racking that you need from any manufacturing business, such as Commercial Hardware.