5 Features To Look For In A Centrifugal Blower For Waste Water Processing

Aeration is the only way to keep useful bacteria processing waste at your water treatment plant, and it also keeps particles suspended and moving so the waste doesn't clog your filters. However, not all centrifugal blowers created for this job offer the same ratio of air movement to operating cost. Look for models with at least one of these five features to pick blower equipment that improves your daily operations or cuts power expenditures.

Magnetic Bearings

From air conditioners to centrifugal blowers, traditional oiled bearings always eventually run dry and break down. Shopping around for a blower fitted with magnetic bearings pays off in the long run because the equipment runs with very little friction, no contact between the moving parts, and without lubricants that age and oxidize. Energy savings from this extra efficient type of bearings range from 10% to 40% over oil-lubricated models, depending on the specific design.

A controller is also built into this equipment to prevent the bearings from colliding. The lack of lubricant also reduces noise by as much as 30%, which is a welcome relief for workers tired of hearing loud buzzing and grinding noises from worn down equipment.

Multi-Stage Designs

If energy efficiency isn't your main concern when it comes to a new aeration blower, stick with the classic multi-stage design. These devices allow for easy customization because each part of the centrifugal blower can be swapped for parts of different sizes when you need to increase flow or volume. Each blower has between 2 and 11 impeller chambers, with increased numbers of chambers adding pressure to the system. This type of air mover also transfers gases out of digester tanks without any major modifications. 

High-Tech Controls

Plant managers that add the right automated microprocessor controls to their blowers see a major increase in both aeration control and energy efficiency. You save money and adjust to changes in digestion very quickly, reducing the amount of labor needed to monitor the waste water treatment process. Sensors and microprocessors can't replace technicians entirely, but it helps tremendously when the blower can change speed and pressure in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep.

Compact Footprints

Growing cities often increase demand for waste water processing faster than your department can respond. If you're stuck trying to fit extra blowers in a plant with no floor space left, look for models designed to save space. The blowers with the smallest footprints include

  • High speed turbo blowers, which are optimized centrifugal blowers with magnetic or airflow bearings
  • Multi-stage designs with vertical mounting layouts
  • Single stage blowers, since the lack of extra impellers keeps the unit compact.

Maintenance Requirements

Don't forget to review the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer when trying to choose a new blower for your waste water plant. If you choose a model requiring enough maintenance that you need to hire a new employee, you'll spend a lot more in the long run than if you choose a blower with little to no maintenance requirements. Centrifugal blowers designed to run without lubricants last longer without repairs.

Installation Arrangements

Finally, consider how much you have to change about your current configuration when adding a new blower. The best models include sensors and controllers that work with a wide variety of control systems, allowing you to integrate an addition without a major overhaul. Match the power requirements for the motor as well so you don't need to run a completely new electrical line for a blower that runs on three-phase power instead of a single-phase line.

When you need to expand your processing power in a hurry, it's tempting to buy the first centrifugal blower you find that fits your budget. Take the time instead to find a model that meets all your needs instead to make the most of your money. For more information, contact a local supplier like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc.