4 Smart Reasons To Use Polyurethane Spray Foam

When it comes to choosing a roofing system for your commercial building, one of the materials you should give some serious consideration to is polyurethane spray foam. This type of foam offers many advantages over other commercial roofing materials and could be the perfect choice for your building.

Benefit #1: Durable

When you choose a material for your roof, you want it to last. Spray polyurethane foam is designed to last due to its special construction. It is made so that it will both expand and contract as temperatures around it change.

This unique characteristic gives the material a lot of durabilities and allows the material to work in just about any environment. As the material expands and contracts with the outside temperature, it will not split or crack, keeping things as safe as possible.

Benefit #2: Seamless Surface

With a roof, the most vulnerable points are often the seams, where there is an increased risk of water intrusion. With a polyurethane spray foam roof, you don't have to worry about seams at all. The material is applied to your roof using a high-pressure spray gun.

Once it comes into contact with your roof, it expands to cover it. This results in a seamless membrane with no seams, holes, or cracks to worry about, and where every corner or hole on your roof is effectively covered in the same material. This significantly reduces the chance of water getting into your building and causing damage. This helps to make your entire building safe and more secure.

Benefit #3: Energy Efficient

Commercial buildings use a lot of energy, which is why it is essential to find ways to make the space as energy-efficient as possible. Polyurethane spray foam is designed to create a thermal barrier on your roof that is almost perfect. It also has an extremely high R-value, which is the formal measurement of how much insulation it provides you with.

Having a near-perfect thermal barrier and high insulation on your roof will help your building better maintain its temperature, which should help lower your energy costs.

Benefit #4: Environmentally Friendly

If you are trying to keep your building as green as possible, polyurethane spray foam is a great choice. Due to the way that it is installed, using a high-pressure spray gun and its expansive properties means that no material is lost or wasted during the installation process. When the job is done, there are no scraps to deal with. The material is also designed to last for years, allowing you to reduce how often you have to scrap and replace the roof.

When it comes to choosing a material for your commercial roof, be sure to seriously consider polyurethane spray foam, which is durable, easy to install, and energy-efficient. It is an intelligent choice for your commercial structure.