Boxes On Wheels And How To Repair Their Dents

Truck service bodies are often referred to as "boxes on wheels" because they are giant square or rectangular boxes with wheels under them. Although it is incredibly difficult to damage these "boxes," it does not mean that it will never happen. If you have a fleet of delivery or moving trucks, and one has recently been in a rough accident, here is how you can repair their dents.

Metal "Boxes"

Some truck cargo areas are all metal. These dents are not nearly as difficult to repair as some other truck cargo areas. Between using a large gauge drill and a sledgehammer, you and some of your employees may be able to pull smaller dents out. The larger dents will require the assistance of a truck body technician, who has special tools that can pull the really big dents out. If you are not worried about cosmetics on your trucks, you can leave the truck as is, and put it back into service. Otherwise, it may require a fresh paint job to look new again.

Metal Lined with Wood

There are multiple delivery trucks that have a wood interior with a metal exterior. These vehicles are designed to carry cargo at a lower temperature, and the wood helps absorb some of the heat from the metal exterior. Unfortunately, when these trucks get a big dent, all of the wood paneling inside is damaged. Then, the wood paneling has to be removed and replaced. First, the wood is removed. Then, the metal dent is repaired. Finally, the wood paneling in the interior is replaced. A paint job may follow, but that is up to you.

Refrigeration Trucks

Refrigeration trucks are an entirely different class of repair problem. The walls on these trucks are quite thick. They are designed to keep all the cold air inside and everything else out. If your business deals in the delivery of refrigerated goods, you cannot leave the dent in the truck. It is too dangerous for the frozen goods you deliver. 

With refrigeration trucks, the entire panel that is damaged has to be removed. In some frozen trucks, the entire side has to be removed. A refrigeration truck repair specialist will let you know which of these two approaches is necessary to repairing your own truck. It will not be an inexpensive process to be sure, but it will still cost less than buying a brand-new truck.