Mixing Old And New Technology To Keep Your Warehouse Safe

You want your warehouse safety measures to work efficiently without intruding on the flow of your operations. To that end, you may want to look into some of the more modern safety solutions. You should also, however, keep some of the classic safety measures on the warehouse floor as well.

Taking Your Warehouse into the Digital Age

These days, there's a number of electronic solutions that ycan replace, or improve on, your traditional warehouse safety measures.

Digital control systems – Instead of having employees pull levers, line up pulleys, and manually operate lift systems, you can use digital solutions.

Making the switch to digital can limit human error, especially if you use any manual systems that require calculated precision. Digital controls also remove humans from harm's way. Instead of someone pulling a lever to raise a left, then using their hands to line it up, that same person can push a button and stand back.

Digital controls can increase safety and productivity simultaneously. It's also a solution that you can utilize with just about every system your warehouse makes use of.

Sensors, motion detectors, and alarms – Instead of lines on the warehouse floor, you can use motion detectors, sensors, and alarms. For example, if someone on foot wanders into a high traffic forklift area, a motion detector can pick it up and create an alarm.

Similarly, a sensor and alarm combination can alert someone when a dock gate is about to open or close. There's a tremendous amount of use for this technology in a warehouse. You can use any one component to increase safety for just one area, or for the entire warehouse.

You can combine a lot of this technology in various ways. For example, you can tie everything digital into a single location for warehouse monitoring. But no matter how many of these modern solutions you employ, you should still make use of more traditional protection measures as well.

Keeping Your Warehouse Safe with Traditional Protections

Your warehouse will still need hard physical protections. For example, you will still need safety gates and barriers. Even if the gates have digital controls, they should still hold a place in your warehouse. In addition, you will need to create hard barriers that keep people or forklifts from straying.

A good way to section off areas is with steel pipe bollards. These can:

  • Create barriers inside and outside of the warehouse
  • Keep people from walking into moving vehicles or machines
  • Serve as a reminder of dangerous activities happening on the other side of them
  • Help to keep larger vehicles from attempting areas where they don't belong

Safety will remain important going into the future. It's a good idea to keep up with the times, but don't neglect any of the real physical safety measures. A forklift operator can see an alarm and hesitate, but something like a warehouse bollard will stop the machine altogether. To learn more, contact a company like Traffic Protectors