Soda Brewing: 4 Branding Tips To Make Your Drink Stand Out

The world of soft drinks is pretty much dominated by two main companies, but there is always room for growth and independent sellers. If you've been brewing your own soda that you're ready to bring to the market, branding is the next big step to take. By properly branding your personal soda brew, you can create something that is appealing to consumers and will help your product stand out. By using the following four branding tips, you can expand personal branding throughout the whole product and deliver your soda through various stores and retail opportunities.

Custom Bottle Injection Molding

The bottle that you choose to house your soda in can make a huge difference on the branding. When choosing plastic bottle designs, you can infuse your logos, different shapes, and unique features into the bottle. The best way to have these bottles created is with injection molding. For plastic bottles, the injection molding company uses a blow process to accurately mold and create your custom bottle design. Once the initial mold is made, it can be reused thousands of times to create an inventory of empty bottles.

When designing a plastic bottle design, it's important to break it down into separate parts. The bottom of the bottle should have some sort of grip. For example, you can showcase the flavors and fizziness of the soda with a bubble collage grip that protrudes from the plastic. The middle section of the bottle should remain flat and even so labels can properly sit on them. The top section before the bottle cap area can be used for branding words. This includes the name of the soda or company highlights like "Wisconsin's Own Soda Brew." Work with an injection molding company to plan out the exact design and have the mold made.

Custom Bottle Cap Injection Molding

Along with the bottle, an injection molding company can assist you with producing the bottle cap. A number of features can be added to your bottle cap to help it stand out. One idea is protruding letters. For example, if your soda name is Fizzy Bear Root Beer, then you can represent the Fizzy Bear with an "FB" extruding out of the top of the cap.

Once the initial mold is made, injection companies have the ability to create different colored bottle caps. For example, if you have a special Sweet Christmas Sweater Soda, then you can produce red, green, and white caps that stand out for the holidays. All of these small branding changes can help the soda really stand out on the shelf and make consumers feel like they are purchasing something special.

Label Designs

The soda logo and label that you design will also have a large impact on the effect of your soda. For example, when designing labels, consider the soda and how it will be used. If it's a special holiday soda, then create labels on the banner that read "Limited Time." This will draw attention to the soda and make it seem more enticing. You may also choose to use a mascot to represent your soda. When choosing a mascot, keep it consistent with other packaging so people learn to associate it with your company. Try to use colors that are not already taken by some of the big brands. This will help your soda stand out among the shelves of other companies.

Soda Colors

The color of your soda can also help it stand out and be used as a branding opportunity. For example, if you have a soda brand like Fizzy Bear, then your soda colors can represent different bears in real life. You could have the Black Bear Cherry, Brown Bear Cola, or the Polar Bear Lemon-Lime. Think of different themes and ways to infuse it into the drink itself. When using coloring in your drinks, consider natural options like beet juice, carrot juice, or grapes. A number of companies offer natural food coloring, and it can also act as a great and natural way to promote your soft drinks.

By planning out different branding, you can really build on the product and start a natural fan base. It's a great way to sell your soda and expand around the world. For more information and options, consider contacting an injection molding company, such as Accurate  Products Inc., or talk with another marketing agency.